Yukata Photoshoot In Shinjuku To Welcome Summer - RonskiLove Photography
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Yukata Photoshoot In Shinjuku To Welcome Summer

Yukata Photoshoot In Shinjuku To Welcome Summer


Tokyo Yukata photoshoot in Shinjuku

This week, I had a wonderful shoot with a lovely young lady by the name of Lulu. As it is summer, she wore a beautiful Yukata instead of a kimono and our shoot was around the Shinjuku area. What is a Yukata you might ask! Yukata is a light cotton Kimono. We usually wear it at the summer events, such as local festivals and firework outings. Yukata are a more accessible option for traditional dress as they are relatively easy to put on, inexpensive, and washable at home.

Lulu was a joy to work with and the heat didn’t seem to bother her at all. We took a few shots at a Tori gate and we lucked out with this amazing colorful background. She was a natural in front of the camera and she didn’t have to try really hard posing as my preference is to take candid shots.

It is already fireworks (Hanabi) season and I had the opportunity to get some great shots in Yokohama already this year. I am planning to make the best of it and attend as many hanabi events as I missed most of them last year because of all the shoots I had during the summer. Anyway, Lulu and I had a great shoot enjoying the streets of Shinjuku as well as one of my favorite shrines for this shoot, and of course RonskiLove Photography’s resident Kimono and Yukata stylist from “musuhi Tokyo” was on board for the shoot.