Yukata Photoshoot with M&K in Tokyo - RonskiLove Photography
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Yukata Photoshoot with M&K in Tokyo


A Beautiful Couple in Yukata


When I first met Matt & Katie, they had the friendliest smile and were very engaging in conversation. We had our shoot around Harajuku in Tokyo. We lucked out with beautiful weather that day and we decided to grab a few shots at a nearby shrine in the area. I loved the way they were constantly communicating with each other and also how they were always looking at each other and smiling a lot. That gave me a great chance to get some candid shots.

Matt threw on his shades as we took a break and I noticed how totally cool he looked while wearing the shades in a Yukata. I got some amazing shots with him and his shades on. Katie’s solo shot came out wonderful as well, she knew how to pose with a fan. We ended up spending a wonderful 3-hour shoot together. They are the type of couple¬† who is so relaxing to be around with, it felt like we were old friends.

I should mention that our resident Kimono/Yukata stylist Hiroko from “musuhi Tokyo” was¬† also helping as a guide giving some details about Harajuku and the Japanese culture. All in all it was an amazing day working with Matt & Katie in Tokyo.