RonskiLove Artwork
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Ronski Artwork

High Priestess Adeline

“We are all children of Mother Earth,
she provides all we need to survive. We should honor her.”

The Street Vendor

Ronski-Gallery-BEL TI MACHAN_Haitian_art
To the market place she goes daily, selling fresh fruit.

Toussaint Louverture

The leader of the Haitian revolution.
This is my own version of a Toussaint L’ouverture oil portrait.

The Troubadour's Banjo

Altiery Dorival
Painting of Altiery Dorival and his banjo.
One of the original troubadours.

Marie-Jeanne Lamartiniere Lady Warrior

A Heroine in Haitian History, Marie-Jeanne Lamartiniere was fearless and courageous.
Marie-Jeanne fought alongside the men. She was a real “Badass female warrior in history.”

They Taste Like Chicken

Beggar-Chicken-Ronski & The Blind Beggar
Captain’s Log:: We found a planet populated by a species that resemble birds from our planet Earth. They seem docile and tried to communicate by squawking at us. We were disappointed not finding intelligent life on the planet. We will continue our peaceful mission to find intelligent and civilized being in this star system. On a positive note, after 6 years of eating processed food, the crew was finally able to have a decent meal. Interestingly enough, these strange creatures we found on the planet , we have all agreed that

Redz and the Hoods

Redz aka Leader of the Wolfpack
After defeating the Big Bad Wolf, Little Red in the hood takes her rightful place as
The Leader of the Pack.

Tiroro: The Lone Drummer

Tiroro Roger Baillard
Haiti’s greatest Drummer.
“In order to Understand a talking drum, it takes two people. One to beat the rhythm and another to dance to it.”
Ronski Love

Medieval Avengers

Medieval Avengers_Knights_Elves and Orcs
This is a “what if” Painting. What if the Avengers had lived in a Mythological time period?
From Left to right:
“The Orc”
“Nico the Furious”
“Freedom Knight”
“Naa’tcha the Widow Maker”
she’s the cute Elf with all blades and also the leader.
“The Iron Knight”
“Thorax” the one handed Viking whose weapon is a hammer.
“Tah’ka” the archer.

Madame Monga & Others

Elektra Natchios
Madame Monga
Maron Inconnu
Yvon Plantin AKA “The Brigand”

The IBO LELE Dancer

Do you know how to dance the IBO Dance?
Lost that tradition?
“Surely your Granny would know!
If she were still around…”

La Belle Paysanne

I am just a country girl.

The Lady in the Forest

Ronski's Lady of the Forest
The tale of the lost princess in the Forest of Solitude.

Sunset Drum

Caribbean Sunset Drum_Haitian_art
Dancing to the beat of the Caribbean Sunset.

Anacaona Haiti's Taino Queen

Anacaona Haiti's Cacique Queen
The Golden Flower of Haiti!
Anacaona, a Queen of exquisite beauty, fragile yet strong.

Steampunk Cool Guy


A picture of the Artist