Samurai & Bride


Photographer, Artist

Managing partner, photographer and lead Creative Director for “musuhi” working alongside my wife who is also a Creative Director and Kimono Stylist.

I connect creative ideas and marketing opportunities for richer consumer experiences. I have directed and delivered numerous creative endeavors across the diverse settings of storytelling, dining, leisure, travel, tourism and hospitality.

I began my professional career in the fashion world of New York City covering design, pattern-grading and pattern-making. This included opening a small fashion boutique in the early 1990s focused on a niche in emerging styles at 503 Broadway after graduating the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) where I majored in Fashion Design and also took my first course in Photography.

My experiences in retail have been invaluable for discerning evolving consumer tastes and nascent business opportunities with the chance for substantial growth.

Photography, video and cinematography have also been a creative passion. I co-founded a video and filming studio working with various production companies on the East Coast during the late 1990s. That grew into an experience working on other side of the camera as a co-host for a TV show in Tokyo with one of the members from Speed in the early 2000s.

Bringing encompassing lifestyle experiences to the public has always been an interest and I’ve pursued that again commercially after a brief return from Japan with a lounge in Brooklyn, New York.

I continued to leverage my experiences in the food industry when returning to Japan with a Caribbean-themed restaurant opened with my wife in Shimbashi, Tokyo during the early 2010s. Our restaurant became the #1 listed establishment for South American food among Tabelog. It further earned a Gold Crown and was repeatedly listed in the top 1% of their site.

So now that you know a little bit about me, let’s capture some memories in Tokyo to last a lifetime.

Oh, by the Way

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