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RonskiLove Photography Blog


Hi, I’m Ronski


Welcome to my photography blog. I specialize in all aspects of Kimono photography. I am a wedding photographer, night portrait photographer, I capture neon photography as well. Here you will see some samples of my latest work around Tokyo, Japan.

I work with an amazing kimono stylist who happens to be my wife as well as a few other Kimono hairstylists and makeup artists.


Yukata photo shoot with a beautiful Lady   When I first met Wenny, my first thought was “wow, she has the perfect shape, neck and height for a Kimono / Yukata model. She was really soft spoken and great to have a conversation with. We started the photo...

A Beautiful Couple in Yukata   When I first met Matt & Katie, they had the friendliest smile and were very engaging in conversation. We had our shoot around Harajuku in Tokyo. We lucked out with beautiful weather that day and we decided to grab a few...